Small Group Quotes for High Deductible Plans

As a full service benefits brokerage firm, we are pleased to provide group benefit services via this website.

Please click on this link to request a small group quote.  This will open a 4-page document in Word format (in a new browser).  Simply print out the census, complete it as accurately as possible, and then fax to our offices at this number 480-393-5573.  Please be sure to include appropriate contact info including accurate email and phone number(s). If you are unable to view or use the Word file for any reason, please contact our office via phone or email (see bottom of page).

Unless requested otherwise, we will quote group HSA and HRA options. These are the two most competitive options available in today’s marketplace.  (Indeed, many of our small group clients find the HRA, health reimbursement accounts, to be a more viable option for their companies. An HRA is a healthcare reimbursement arrangement plan—a hybrid between an HSA plan and a flex benefit plan—it’s the hottest thing in the small group market. If you’d like more details on the new HRA concept, please call our offices.) 

We quote only PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans from major, top-rated insurers.  (In other words, we do not quote HMO plans unless specifically requested.)  NOTE:  We will also quote “traditional” PPO plans, e.g. non-HSA/HRA options, if so requested, or, if in our opinion, such plan(s) would warrant your consideration.

Please be sure to complete the claims/health history portion of the census form as accurately as possible.  Also, please be sure to include relevant, up-to-date details as requested about your current group plan, including both current and anticipated future premiums (if known).  (We couldn’t care less what you are paying, but the insurance companies often require this info to obtain a valid quote.)

Although we do not have a minimum number of employees, per se, before we will obtain quotes, it is important to understand that group rates for very small groups are often non-competitive in many states. This is a direct result of "group reform" from about ten years ago, mandating that insurance companies accept all small "groups" with as few as two employees. In some cases, individual coverage may be a more viable option for some small groups, especially if everyone is relatively healthy and insurable. Feel free to call before submitting a quote request if you'd care to do so.

In most situations, it takes a few days to get a small group quotes back from carriers. It can take as long as two weeks. If you need faster service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by email or phone.  (Please see "Contact" link at top of page)

Thanks very much for the opportunity to be of service.

C. Dean Richard, JD, MSBA  




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