HSA Benefits

There are numerous benefits to an HSA plan - health savings account, such as:

  • Lower monthly health insurance premiums
  • More stability in premiums (annual increases are percentage-based, but the base is much lower with a high deductible plan)
  • Immediate tax savings - use tax-savings to pay routine medical bills!
  • Long-term growth potential - becomes another IRA at retirement
  • Tax-free withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses
  • Tax-free funds can even be used to pay for expenses not covered by insurance (eyewear, eye exams, dental, accupuncture, etc.)
  • Tax-free funds can pay premiums for COBRA, qualified long term care insurance plans, or health insurance while unemployed
  • Tax-free funds now can be used to pay MEDICARE premiums
  • Freedom to choose your own physicians from large PPO networks of providers (unlike one-Doc HMO models)
  • Pre-negotiated discounts with network providers
  • Additional cash discounts direct with providers, including hospitals and physicians
  • More control over your family's health care decisions -- make decisions in consultation with your physician

Our agency has clients with over $40,000 in their health savings accounts! Just think how much better off you would be today, if you had started a medical savings account in 2000. How much longer do you want to wait to start saving?

Our nationwide agency specializes in consumer-driven health care plans such as the HSA. We invite you to get quotes from our extensive quote engine and see how much you can save with an HSA.

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Client Comments
"Health savings plans just make more sense than co-pay plans. We're thrown away tens of thousands on high priced plans that we never used. We'll try this for awhile. It couldn't be any worse."
C.T., Austin, TX.

"What we really liked about your plan design is the $100 deductible for accidents. Nobody else offered that."
N.D., Sarasota, FL

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