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Dear Friends:

Following our recent site re-design, we noticed that this page was one of the 3 most popular pages visited, so we wanted to go ahead and provide a way for you to reserve your copy of our infamous HSA Info Kit, which we will soon make available. This will be the updated version of the same HSA Info Kit (and previously, the MSA Info Kit) that you have heard us advertising on major radio stations in several cities since 2000.

Although the information is the same as you'll find here on the site, the difference is that it will be all neatly packaged in one location - most likely, on a PDF file with Word document options. That way, you can review the info at your leisure without the typical distractions of web surfing.

If you would like to reserve a copy, please do us the favor of clicking on the "contact" link at the top and dropping us a quick note to let us know you would like a copy. We will email your Info Kit as soon as it becomes available (hopefully, within the next couple of weeks).

In the meantime, please take a moment to get some quotes on various high deductible health plan options! Remember, all the research in the world is meaningless (and, ultimately, a waste of time) if you cannot get insured on terms acceptable to you and at rates low enough to make the HSA make sense. It's really the first and most important step in establishing a health savings account plan.

Thanks very much!

Dean Richard
"the HSA king"

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Client Comments
"We were skeptical at first but discovered that the tax-savings alone covers our minimal out of pocket costs each year."
R.T., Joliet, IL.

"An HSA insurance plan is ideal for our situation, with its low cost and high degree of flexibility.
T.M., Jacksonville, FL

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