HSA PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation is an adaptation of a project completed during my tenure as a graduate student at San Diego State, where I was working toward my Master's in Financial & Tax Planning. Although it has a good general overview of the HSA, its focus is directed toward a rather unique concept -- How a Health Savings Account Effectively Bypasses the 7.5% AGI Limitation on Medical Expenses. It's a rather keen concept, if I may say so myself.

Please note that this presentation is copyrighted material, and requires my written permission for any use other than purely personal. Thank you for understanding.

The presentation was revised using PowerPoint 2007 which now saves files as (.pptx). If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint, please try the (.ppt) version (which is the original format for saving PowerPoint files). Regardless of the link you need, please consider SAVING the file to your computer for personal review at your leisure (we know the files are virus-free, but it's always a good idea to run a virus check before running the file saved on your computer).

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Earlier versions (.ppt): Please click here for the PowerPoint presentation

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