The Psychology of an HSA Plan

Not everyone who qualifies for an HSA plan is pre-disposed to enroll in one.  After all, an HSA requires a new way of thinking about an old problem—funding one’s health care program.  With an HSA, tThere are no co-pays for routine expenses such as those available in most group plans, and the “deductible” mechanism certainly is higher than what is found on traditional plans.   

We believe these traits to be common amongst people who are happy with their HSA.  It may be helpful to review the list before enrolling in an HSA plan.

  A desire to pay lower health insurance premiums

  A desire to reduce federal income taxes

  The willingness to assume the risk inherent with a higher “deductible” amount (Your "compensation" for assuming the risk is the mooney you save in lower premiums & lower taxes.)

  The discipline to fund the savings account instead of over-paying for traditional health insurance

  The ability to sleep at night without any “co-pays” for little bills (this may be a bigger deal than you think, given that many people would rather pay higher premiums to have lower deductibles and co-pays)

  An interest in saving additional tax-sheltered money toward retirement

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