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I've been marketing health benefit plans to individuals and the self-employed since 1980. On this page, I share some of the "insider secrets" I've learned during that time.

These tips are in the form of "White Paper Reports." Some related to HSA-specific topics; others are more general. Pick and choose the topics of your choice, and feel free to come back for more - I plan to have a few more posted in the coming weeks.

TIP: If you want to avoid being bombarded by "internet insurance agents," you may want to review the Report entitled Caveat Emptor before getting quotes from multiple sites.


C. Dean Richard, JD, MSBA


White Paper Reports:

How to Buy a Health Insurance Plan -- Avoid 7 Common Mistakes

Shocking: What's the Real Cost of a $20 Co-pay?

7 Things You Should Know About HSA Plans

The Magic of High Deductibles

Caveat Emptor: Beware of Internet "Insurance" Sites

Why Most High Deductible Plans are NOT IRS-Qualified to Work With a Health Savings Account 







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